Your Personal ESG: A guide to sustainable actions this festive season

This festive season, we encourage you to embrace a conscious approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) outcomes. We explore ESG efforts with the aim to help you reduce your carbon footprint and uplift local communities. ESG principles, often associated with corporate responsibility, are equally relevant on an individual level. Why not prioritise making a meaningful impact this festive season?

There are many ways to support positive ESG outcomes. The below suggestions serve as a starting point to encourage you to think about your impact and to start a journey towards a more sustainable and socially responsible festive season.

Personal Environmental Impactful Actions – the ‘E’ in ESG

Reduce Food Waste
Food waste has a profound negative environmental impact given the resources and transport involved in making it. A way to overcome food waste is to plan your meals and purchase only what you need. Equally, ensure you understand the nuances of ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ labels as food is often edible long after the ‘best before’ date.

Thoughtful Gifting
Explore the environmental and social impacts as part of your consumer choices and consider experiences over material possessions and supporting local artisans and businesses. A method claimed to scientifically enhance gift appreciation is choosing items from a person’s wish list!

Recycling Options
Most wrapping paper and cards can be recycled in our yellow recycling bins and it is okay to have a bit of sticky tape still attached. The key is to avoid buying non-paper additives like heavy glitter.

If you happen to receive unwanted gifts, you can donate these to second-hand stores to minimise waste and help support a circular economy.


Personal Social Impactful Actions – the ‘S’ in ESG

Be Inclusive
Inclusivity is an ongoing commitment that extends beyond surface-level friendliness and applies in all settings including Christmas events. Engage in a diversity and inclusion mindset to enable a deeper appreciation of cultural differences and ensure you adjust your language when you learn something is offensive.

Ask ‘Are You Okay?’
With family and at work engage in open conversations about mental health and well-being and know that sometimes just asking the question: ‘Are you okay’, can make a huge personal impact.

Self-Care Matters
Personal matters we are not coping with can make enjoyment and getting involved challenging. Acknowledge the importance of mental and emotional well-being and consider implementing or recommending mindfulness practices.

Don’t feel pressure to spend large
With many of us feeling the cost of living pressure, we need to take comfort that how much we spend on our gifts is not a measure or reflection of our love. Gift-giving is not a competition and there are many different ways to reciprocate kind gestures.


Personal Governance Impactful Actions – the ‘G’ in ESG

As part of your Christmas traditions, let your governance be to normalise gifts that are second-hand, handmade, consumable, experienced-based, and purchased from small businesses.


As we celebrate this festive season, let’s enhance our personal ESG commitments, contributing to a more sustainable, inclusive, and socially responsible world.

To find out more about ESG, and its relevance to you and your business, contact us.


By Jason Yu, Managing Partner at BYRONS and Irene Wang, Partner at BYRONS.

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