Taxation represents a significant cost for businesses.

Our Tax Services provide you with access to specialist tax strategists who will ensure you effectively manage your tax obligations and assist with your compliance responsibilities.

We work with all types of businesses to navigate tax obligations and provide commercial value to our clients.

We start by understanding the objectives and dynamics of your business and industry to align our team and the type of tax services most appropriate to help the business meet both your objectives and tax obligations.

We assist many businesses in interpreting all aspects of Australia’s rapidly changing tax laws, international taxation treaties and Australian Tax Office policies, rulings, and interpretations. Working closely with you, our primary focus is on assisting you to understand the relevant taxation issues with the aim of achieving a tailored complete tax solution.

International tax

We have tax specialists dedicated to supporting clients navigate the complexities of multiple tax systems, international regulations, and meeting tax obligations from different countries around the world.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing has multinational companies navigating the fast-changing landscape with increased scrutiny from regulators. At Byrons, we are experts in Transfer Pricing and establish commercially viable and robust transfer pricing policies and documentation.

Our extensive experience and knowledgeable specialists are supported by the ability to draw on our Global network of tax professionals around the world which ensures we provide a complete, multi-disciplined perspective to any tax challenge.

Our team offers:

  • Authorship of tax products and software toolkits
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning and tax effective exit strategies
  • Superannuation
  • Tax advisory services (including GST, FBT, CGT, income tax and international tax)
  • Tax audit
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax expert reports
  • Tax structuring advice
  • Transfer Pricing compliance and advisory


Simon Alford, Partner at BYRONS

Paul Breedon BYRONS

Paul Breedon, Partner at BYRONS