Corporate Finance offers best-in-class solutions and hands-on support for all stages of transactions, deals and investments.

We partner with you to solve complex corporate finance, capital markets and corporate advisory challenges and provide clarity and hands-on support to achieve positive results.

Our corporate finance and advisory team works with public and private clients to execute successful business deals that are strategically sound, well-managed, and meet commercial objectives. This includes selling or acquiring a business, divestments, capital markets transactions, fund raising, restructuring, merging or entering a joint venture.

From independent valuations to financial modeling, due diligence, buy and sell-side advisory, capital raising, pre-IPO and IPO, and post-listing transactions such as secondary raising and public takeover. Specifically, our team uses their extensive commercial expertise to provide advice on commercial, legal, technical issues, and complex financial, regulatory and operational issues.

We take a 360-degree approach to managing your transactions to identify and include value creation, long-term sustainability, risk management, and compliance requirements.

While we offer reliable outcomes for transactions, taxes, accounting, and financial reporting, we critically provide confidence and certainty from our extensive commercial knowledge and experience and our ability to work with you to understand your current position and guide you through the challenges while taking advantage of every opportunity to achieve a positive result.

As an independent advisory firm, we are agile and challenge the process to understand the details and deliver more practical advice. We pride ourselves on being able to offer greater access to our directors and senior staff members to work more collaboratively with our clients, build stronger relationships, and develop trust to become a trusted advisor.

As part of our Global Network, we leverage access to national and international corporate advisory specialists from vast industries and sectors in over 110 countries worldwide.

Our team offers:

Corporate Finance

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Sale and divestments
  • Pre-IPOs, IPOs and capital market transactions
  • Fundraising for equity and debt
  • Strategic review and advice

Transaction Services

  • Valuation
  • Financial Modelling
  • Acquisition, vendor, tax and commercial due diligence
  • Financial forecast and reviews


  • Fund formation, financial services and products advice
  • Board advisory, entity governance and compliance
  • Joint venture and other ownership arrangements
  • Foreign investment advice


Eric Sun

Eric Sun, Director at BYRONS

John Meagher

John Meagher, Director at BYRONS