As the HR Manager of BYRONS, I often find myself reflecting on the remarkable journey of our staff in their professional careers and personal lives. It is the people who really do make BYRONS. BYRONS is the connector of teams, colleagues, friends, bridesmaids, sports recruits and much more! With many staff who have been with us for over two decades, we share a journey from studying, to getting promoted and providing endless support to our clients.

Statistics reveal impressive milestones

The staff member with the record for commitment to BYRONS and our clients is Jason Yu, Managing Partner. Jason joined BYRONS in 1996 and continues to remain our greatest advocate. Our administration staff of 5 team members boasts an average of 19 years of service. This includes 1 team member returning after a 4 years break. During their time at BYRONS, our administration team has welcomed 5 children and celebrated two marriages.  I also add to these years with 17 years of dedication to developing BYRONS. The longevity is a testament to our strong sense of belonging and the commitment our staff feel toward BYRONS. BYRONS is not just a workplace; it’s a place where careers flourish, bonds are formed, and aspirations become reality.

BYRONS supports graduates to become partners

We are proud to see graduates developing into valuable team members and an admirable example of this is two key partners we have today. This is Adam Dyson and Simon Alford.  They both started with BYRONS as fresh undergraduates and took advantage of the ongoing skill development and professional growth opportunities to become proud partners in our firm. Their journey highlights the rewards that result from dedication and longevity and translates into a workforce that is exceptionally skilled, loyal, and motivated to contribute to our success.

Training and development that nurtures and fosters continuous growth

We invest in our training and development of technical skills supported by hands-on experience to give our staff a competitive edge. As the HR Manager, I believe in our people and take immense pride in nurturing and fostering an environment where staff not only thrive but also become an indispensable part of our family.

BYRONS was founded in 1955 and we continue to build on this longevity with the trust and mutual respect that has developed over the years enabling us to face challenges together, celebrate successes together, and continually innovate and improve as a firm.

Importantly, our long-standing staff members become the leaders of our firms culture, passing down values, traditions, and knowledge to new recruits. This continuity ensures that BYRONS retains its identity and remains committed to its core principles, even as we evolve and adapt to changing market conditions.

BYRONS celebrates our teams and staff as the people make BYRONS

The value of longevity in staff cannot be overstated. Our long-standing staff are the cornerstone of our culture, a great source of pride and a reflection of our commitment to fostering lasting relationships. At BYRONS, we celebrate our staff who dedicate years of their lives to our client service delivery, knowing that their contributions are immeasurable and that they are the foundation upon which our success is possible.

By Heather Livian, HR Manager at BYRONS.

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