As we head toward the Christmas and New Year break, we reflect on 2023 with a celebration of our rebrand to BYRONS and a strong connection with our local community.

Our rebrand was the opportunity to build on the reason for our success which is our commitment to local businesses and strong personal relationships. The firm was founded in 1955 with the name Byrons Chartered Accountants and today we continue to build on the strength of this brand value known for our commitment to clients. 

To highlight our passion for the local community and the importance of personal relationships, we share a case study to celebrate and promote a valued service going from strength to strength.


Hands and Feet is a non-profit community service to people in need. Hands and Feet

Hand and Feet know all too well that beyond profit margins and quarterly reports, the foundation of business is the people, personal connections, and relationships that help us to see our larger purpose. Hands and feet have a simple mission: people in the community helping people in need in their community.

The teams at Hands and Feet see firsthand many people in need, both young and old. Everyone has their own story, and this includes the homeless, people struggling to feed their families, and average people falling on hard times.

Hands and Feet has impressive success in helping people in need with over 1500 people being supported each week through personal connection and receiving basic food supplies of fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, for every one-dollar donation received, the team at Hands and Feet delivers from their partnerships and service offering $17 worth of food value directly to the people in need.

Hand and Feet have volunteers at all levels in the organisation, and many are responsible for sorting, packing, and delivering food supplies. These volunteers have many humbling examples of the satisfaction and pride of making a difference, helping their community, and impacting people’s lives for the better. Testament to the real value of the support is many of the volunteers have previously personally benefited from receiving the food supplies and now want to give back and make sure the support continues to be available for others in need.

The strength of the teams and people at Hands and Feet are enabling growth by increasing the food supply program in Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane and excitingly expanding with a new venture in Adelaide, to make a difference to communities across Australia.

We recently joined the Hand and Feet fundraising dinner and together celebrated the success of their teams to scale, manage the complexity of supply partners, overcome transportation and distribution challenges, and deliver the mission to benefit more people in the community through personal connection and giving food supplies.

“I have known Brad Scott the General Manager of Hands and Feet for many years. I am proud to be a personal advocate and supporter of the mission that enables Hands and Feet to provide for people in need.” Paul Breedon, Partner at BYRONS.

To find out more about Hands and Feet and as a Christmas gesture all donations make a big difference: Donate now.
Equally, if you have fallen on hard times, simply enter your postcode to find your local distribution center: I need food.

At BYRONS our services help to foster a positive impact on local communities, and we support many clients who are local businesses and mission-based organisations.

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