At BYRONS, we understand we are more than just a business function. We are trusted advisors who connect people and positively impact people’s lives. Our success goes beyond delivering services to our clients; it’s about building meaningful relationships and making a difference to benefit our local community. 


A recent example of the success that demonstrates BYRONS’ impact beyond the boardroom is through our support of Hands and Feet, a remarkable local charity dedicated to serving everyday people who fall on hard times. We were delighted to be the connector as a result of a client looking to make a tax-deductible donation to reduce their expected tax payable for 30 June 2024. Our connection helped facilitate this client’s donation of $25,000 to a charity we can verify makes a real difference to people in our local community. Hands and Feet multiply this donation to achieve $350,000 worth of value (this is explained in the below video).   

We are pleased to share a video of James Dolahenty, Director at BYRONS and Brad Scott, General Manager at Hands and Feet to celebrate the value of trusted advice that connects people and makes positive impacts.



As a team, we are motivated by our interactions to support and collaborate with our clients. Our relationships result in understanding needs, sharing visions, and working closely to achieve common goals. The trust and relationships we build in these partnerships are the cornerstone of our success. 

We take pride in the outcomes we achieve for our clients and strive to create a ripple effect where these accomplishments continue to develop and enhance our communities. Whether we are helping businesses grow or supporting initiatives that benefit the lives of those around us, every success story contributes to the greater well-being of our local community. 

Find out more about Hands and Feet, how to donate directly or how to access their food supply service.

At BYRONS, we believe true success is a measure of not just financial gains but also the positive impact we have on the lives of those around us. Could you personally benefit from donating to charity? Contact us to see the benefits to your tax liability and the greater reward of helping people in need. 

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