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“As you can see from the photo below of me about to finish the race, I am very happy with my time. Thank you all for your chats, donations and support! Your support kept me going during the run, especially on the heartbreak hill. For those who participated in your own forms, big thumb up to you all! Go Team BYRONS. And remember it is not too late to donate to our local community Giant Steps and their educational program for children with autism.” – Yvonne Yin, Associate Director at BYRONS.

The annual City2Surf event in Sydney is just around the corner, and the BYRONS team is gearing up for an epic day of exercise and cheering. With over 80,000 participants expected to join the 14 km course on Sunday, August 13, it is not too late to accept the invitation and join us.

This year, the BYRONS City2Surf team is not only taking part in the iconic event but also taking the opportunity to raise funds for a noble cause. The team is rallying support for a former colleague and the school her son attends which is called Giant Steps and is for children with autism.

“We invite all runners, walkers, and strollers to join us in this fantastic event. Your participation and support will make for a great day and all donations will provide valuable support for Giant Steps,” said Yvonne Yin, Associate Director at BYRONS.

Yvonne has set up a donation page to motivate training and running efforts. Generous donors can contribute by visiting the following link:

“Let me share a little about my running journey. Initially, I could not even run 500 meters. I started with a fun run which is a 5.6km run and I finished with a combination of running and walking after one hour. But I still finished it! My running got more serious by the end of 2019. It was like learning to walk and I took a lot of baby steps. Firstly, 1km without stopping, then 2.5kms, 3kms, 5kms…. One night, I managed to run the entire lap of the Bay Run in Sydney (6.8kms) without stopping and I did it in 48 minutes! This was the moment I realised I could run and that running was not impossible, even for me. I thought my running journey would end there however I found joy in running. Here I am today, having completed a half marathon twice and running the City2Surf for the second time, and importantly this time with the extra motivation to support Giant Steps”, Yvonne Yin, Associate Director at BYRONS.

Let’s lace up our running shoes, walk with purpose, or simply enjoy the stroll, all while making a positive impact on a local school.

Yvonne is available for a chat with anyone seeking more information about the event, fundraising efforts, or to share more details of her running journey. Please also remember to visit the donation page:

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