Thought leadership: Support for small Aged Care and Childcare providers with new multi-enterprise bargaining. Multi-enterprise bargaining is designed to group all providers together and includes small, large, quality, and lesser quality businesses.

The changes to multi-enterprise bargaining, as part of the Fair Work Commission, now will give employees the means to negotiate a group enterprise agreement, by joining together forces with their peers’ from other similar businesses. Historically, operational staff were excluded from making these collective legal demands on their working conditions.

The industry sectors that will initially feel the impacts of the multi-enterprise bargaining, will be the Childcare and Aged Care sector providers.

Large operators with a substantial financial and operational resources, will have a better ability to absorb any additional costs. Smaller providers could potentially suffer financial losses, with less capacity to respond to rising costs, without increased government support.

“I believe in the undeniable value of small providers, because of their size and ability to develop personalised and strong relationships. They offer a genuine commitment to the children and residents who avail of their services.  There is a careful balance to maintain a functioning business and exploring all avenues to increase award rates and conditions to staff. The external ratings and accreditations achieved by small providers in Childcare and Aged Care, reinforce the importance and emphasis of the unique value, small providers offer our communities. They provide exceptional service” John Meagher, Director at BYRONS.

Many staff in operational front-line roles, gain satisfaction from the rewards of working with children and Aged Care residents. They and appreciate the business side of operations, to manage fair and reasonable working schedules and conditions, that best support their stakeholders. The new bargaining ability does not take a viewpoint, to consider the unique operational implications and staffing requirements necessary, to achieve quality of care.

While it is early days for multi enterprise bargaining agreements; our hope is this does not become another barrier to business, for the small, quality, Childcare and Aged Care operators.

We emphasise and celebrate the value of the service they provide and the immense impact they make on the lives of the children and residents. Thank you.

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